White Bison Native Art will offer genuine Native American clothing and jewelry


CHARLEVOIX, Mich., December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Enabled February 12, 2021, an ad may have been lost about a beautiful and rare animal spotted in from Missouri Ozark Mountains.

It was a white bison, in Lamp, Missouri. The founders of Bison appointed him Takoda, a Sioux word that translates to “everyone’s friend”. The white bison has been a symbol of peace and good fortune in Native American cultures.

The name “White Bison” will take on a new dimension with the opening of the Indigenous white bison art company with a slogan reminiscent of its living namesake: Traditional. Beautiful. Inspired.

The company begins selling culturally-branded clothing and jewelry that captures the Native American experience through online sales and through select retailers. The company is the inspiration of Virginia and Hank’s Fields, mother and son and members of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and the Chippewa Indians.

“Keeping tribal affiliations, heritage and culture alive is a priority and White Bison Native Art will be part of this revival,” said Hank’s Fields. “It is our company’s mission to do so through culturally branded clothing and jewelry that captures the Native American experience.”

The company will sell clothing with words and graphics serving a social purpose. Jewelry will include such things as dreamcatcher-shaped earrings, long a symbol of Indigenous tradition, or a bracelet with turquoise stones that reflect a deep-rooted and confident life.

“Our competitive advantage will lie in the quality, authenticity and exclusivity of what we sell,” said Virginia Fields, also a skilled artist, especially with beadwork. “We will continue to build relationships with Native Americans and work as partners to respectfully market their crafts. Our products will tell stories about Native American culture, beliefs and identities, keeping in mind the Seventh Generation Principle that we want to leave behind a world that will benefit seven generations into the future. “

“We also have a technological advantage,” said Hank’s Fields who has substantial professional experience and advanced degrees in business administration, project management and intellectual property law. “We understand the importance of market segmentation, understanding purchasing preferences and using the Internet and social media to build awareness of our products and presence and to provide ease of use and speed to our clients. “

“As we grow our business, we will be successful in a way that empowers others, encourages tribal members to aspire and achieve their goals. And we also want to send a very clear message to Native American artists about the importance of communicating stories that need to be done. be With the good work of our artistic partners, we will become known as a company that captures the traditions and pride of great Aboriginal art.

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