The CT high school votes to change the Native American mascot


The name change came after the Board of Education decided in January to remove the old mascot.

WATERTOWN, Connecticut – Sports teams at Watertown High School will now be known as the Watertown Warriors after students overwhelmingly voted for the new name. The change comes after a month-long process by the school and its students for a new name.

Earlier this year, the Board of Education voted to remove the Indian mascot from Watertown High School. The decision came after a “year-long journey of learning about Native American history, examining the Commission on Human Rights policies and opportunities, and listening to the many passionate and sincere voices at the time. public comment, “the school said in a statement. statement this week.

“The process of selecting a new school mascot is just as serious as it is joyful,” Superintendent Alison Villanueva said in a statement posted on the school’s website. “This is a process our district has thought through with extreme care every step of the way, seeking input from our schools and the wider Watertown-Oakville community. “

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A committee has been formed to assist in the process of selecting a new mascot.

The superintendent said the brainstorming process was open to students in grades 8 to 12 so officials could receive feedback on a new mascot. This spring, the school received more than 110 applications and a first vote was taken to reduce the list to 15 choices.

“We are reviewing our program to see where Native American history and a more in-depth exploration of the history of our own local communities might fit into our existing social studies programs,” said Lisa Fekete, program director and teaching. “We are excited to share more about this work as the program unfolds over the next three years, so that all of our students benefit from the rich history of Native Americans and the community of Watertown.”

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This month, students and faculty alike voted again to reduce the top 15 picks to five: Blackhawks, Warriors, Tigers, Wolves and Wildcats. In the end, Warriors was picked by a substantial margin.

The name was revealed via a short TikTok video this week.

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The next step is the design of the new mascot logo. School officials said a graphic design competition will be held next spring.

“It will take time for our students to come up with a final design that we can all call our own,” Villanueva said. “It will naturally take time, and we look forward to the day when, as Watertown High School Warriors, we continue to create more memories when we attend sports games, proudly watch our students take the stage during the handover. degrees and other important occasions that take place in a student’s academic career that we take with us into the future forever.

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