Seventh Generation to Provide Funding for Vermont Native Tribes Studies Program


BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Seventh Generation, a Vermont-based green cleaning company, is partnering with the Vermont Native American Affairs Commission to introduce a new curriculum to schools across the state.

The company has pledged to provide $50,000 to set up a program focused on Vermont’s native tribes. The idea is that starting next year on Indigenous Peoples Day, the commission will offer schools the opportunity to keep children in the classroom and teach them about the state’s indigenous tribes by providing free new learning material.

Because the materials would be created by Vermont’s own tribes, commission members say it’s the best way to honor the day and teach accurate and relevant information so students can see it as an opportunity to learn. learning rather than vacation.

“We started saying, what if instead of the kids having a day off, the kids went to school on Indigenous Peoples Day. For the first time, we could ensure that what children learn in the state of Vermont – at least for the children in the schools that enroll – they will learn the true and authentic history of the Abenakis, ”said the Jeff Benay from the commission.

The commission is already working on draft ideas and materials to present to schools before the next school year.

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