Preview: “America the Beautiful by National Geographic”, produced in part with indigenous tribes; Michael B. Jordan recounts #AmericaTheBeautifulSeries #DisneyPlus #Streaming July 4th


See North America’s wildlife like you’ve never seen it before on #AmericaTheBeautifulSeries, narrated by Michael B. Jordan. Stream it July 4 only on #DisneyPlus

Narrated by Michael B. Jordan and coming from the Emmy Award-winning team that developed “Planet Earth” and “Frozen Planet”, Vanessa Berlowitz and Mark Linfield invite viewers to experience the breathtaking story of our homeland and its amazing animals through epic landscapes including the Arctic Ice Caps, Mojave Desert and coral reefs straight to their homes while getting up close with animal heroes big and small thriving across the states -United.

“America the Beautiful” is the first natural history series to place cinema-grade cameras on fighter jets, taking viewers through some of Earth’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, revealing rich, textured worlds unique to the continent. .

The producers worked directly with native tribes like the Chippewa Cree of the Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana and the Gwich’in in Alaska to help capture the incredible footage.

All six episodes are available to stream July 4, only on Disney+

land of heroes

Untold stories of heroic animals – endearing, majestic, and downright bizarre – unfold against a breathtaking backdrop of America’s most iconic landscapes. Aerial cameras take viewers on a thrilling journey from ice caps to desert, from sea to shimmering sea. From grizzly bears hunting caribou in the mountains of Alaska to prairie dogs battling a tornado, find out what it takes to be an American hero.

water country

The wetlands of the southeastern United States are a magical world where the line between land and water is blurred. Black bears must haul their tiny cubs through alligator-infested swamps while dolphins rush onto dry land to hunt. Here, Florida panthers have fought their way back from extinction, with a little help from humans, while tiny mice work to protect our coastline from deadly hurricanes.


North America is a world of rugged mountains, including Denali, the continent’s highest peak, and vast arctic tundra. Here, savage heroes, from grizzly bears and musk oxen to beavers and bald eagles, must fight through the continent’s most brutal winter, lit only by the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights. For those who can, a spectacular summer of abundance awaits.

far west

The Southwest of the United States, the setting for some of the most famous desert landscapes on our planet, is a world of animal heroes who can overcome anything thrown at them, from the scorching desert to the mighty Pacific Ocean. Cougars patrol the Grand Canyon in search of mates, gray whales prey on the longest mammal migration on Earth, and hummingbird supermums raise chicks in the scorching heat.


America’s Heartland experiences the greatest temperature swings and wildest storms on the planet. Life here has to endure four seasons in one day, sometimes in one hour! A cast of all-American heroes, from bison to wolves, burrowing owls to bobcats, use courage, strength and cunning to overcome the elements and make a living in this wild and beautiful land.

The best of worlds

Across North America, a growing group of wildlife heroes are fighting to preserve our most iconic animals and our wildest places. Whether it’s rewilding the northern grasslands, saving our rarest feline, or restoring an underwater forest, these champions are everyday people of all ages and walks of life, sharing one thing in common. : they care enough to make a difference.

“America The Beautiful” is produced by Wildstar Films for National Geographic. For Wildstar, executive producers are Mark Linfield and Vanessa Berlowitz (“Planet Earth,” “Frozen Planet”), winners of multiple BAFTAs and Emmy Awards. The showrunner is Dan Rees (“Frozen Planet”, “Atlantic”). Ashley Hoppin is executive producer for National Geographic.

Photo credit: Nat Geo


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