Outrage as teacher mocks Native American dance wearing feather headdress: “disrespectful”


A video of a math teacher wearing what appears to be an attempted Native American headdress and faking Native dances during a lesson has gone viral online.

The clip was filmed secretly by a Native American student at John W. North High School in Riverside, Calif., Because he “felt violence was being committed against him.”

The images show the white teacher, with feathers on her head, war hoops and tomahawk cups in front of her class, who watch in awkward silence.

Native American activist and businesswoman Akalei Brown, who said News week she shared the video on behalf of the student’s family and posted it to Instagram on October 20.

The caption explains: “Yesterday, a Native American student filmed this video in his math class!

“After several minutes of the” war banding and tomahawk cutting “teacher, the student started filming because he” felt that violence was being committed against him and that he had the right to record. “

“At first the pupil noticed that the teacher was pulling out a fake feather headdress and when she put it on he said to himself: ‘what is she going to do?'”

Brown then adds that the student who filmed the video “has an Aboriginal first name and outwardly identifies as Native American.”

“We need to end the abuse and discrimination against Indigenous youth in schools! There is no excuse for this type of behavior. We’re not in the 1960s anymore, she should know better.”

Talk to News week, Brown, who is of Kanaka-Maoli and Taos Pueblo descent, explained that she posted the video with the boy’s permission so the world “can get a little glimpse of the kind of abuse that indigenous children all face. the days in American schools. It is not. out of scenario …

“We are standing up for our children and setting a new standard for the treatment of Indigenous people.

The video was also shared on Twitter by an account called UrbanInuk, among others, and has been viewed over 2 million times.

It was here that CommunistsEgirl commented that the reason behind the teacher’s actions was supposedly to teach the SohCahToa class as a mnemonic device.

Another Twitter user, Mom2boy_pup_cat, explained further, “Okay, so as a teacher I was thinking, that’s probably some kind of lesson that she’s trying to make attractive (culturally deaf for sure) , so I remembered (SohCahToa).

“She’s trying to teach them a weird acronym for sine, cosine, tangent in trig, again, culturally deaf for sure.”

Despite the bizarre lesson’s purported educational purpose, many took to social media to share their outrage.

An account by the name of Dangerously wrote: “The worst part is that the teacher probably didn’t even think it was disrespectful or offensive. Completely unconscious as the children watch, horrified and alarmed. “

Abbachacha added: “I can’t even… it’s shameful. I’m so proud of this youngster that I had the courage to record this. I can barely watch him. But look, we have to. The change. arrives. There is no other way out than to cross. “

Kim Mackey, known online as Kemackey, exclaimed, “I’m just… appalled. These poor kids. We have to teach the settler kids to stand up in these times too and call this settler racism. for what it is.

“I hope I would have had the courage to go out when I was a kid, but I think I would have been frozen and mortified.”

However, others were more sympathetic to the teacher, including James21700046, who said: “I have to assume, given the situation, that there is no malice here.

“Please don’t try to do this woman justice… her superiors will find out this will cause enough trouble. If it was out of spite I wouldn’t say that, but it seems like an unbelievable level of stupidity. “

News week has contacted John W. North High School for comment.

A math teacher was filmed wearing a feather headdress and appearing to mock Native American culture during a class.
Instagram / Akalei Brown
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