Newly Appointed Assistant Secretary for Early Childhood Education and Native American Youth Presents Goals


Jovanna Archuleta is the country’s first Deputy Secretary for Native American Early Childhood Education and Care.

“This position has been specifically requested by the tribal leaders of our state,” Archuleta said.

The goal is to provide cohesive communication to tribal leaders and to ensure that the state supports the unique needs of each community.

“There are 23 Tribes, Pueblos and Nations in our state and each community is different in the way they approach, I think, prenatal education to five years and different services are provided in our state in their tribal communities,” said Archuleta.

For example, some are ahead and some are not. Ditto for childcare. Archuleta’s goal?

“That we respond to their unique vision, vision and mission for their prenatal to five-year-old population and how they want to educate and care for their children in their communities.

Mum herself, Archuleta said that she didn’t choose the job as much as this role chose her.

“When I started in kindergarten, I was also expecting an infant, a baby at the time. And so really, we learned together and everything I do in my own home, and everything I support and promote in our department is what I do with my child that you know with my little one at the time. .

She said it is this experience as a single mother that gives her perspective on the needs of families.

“16 years ago I was a young mother, so I went through the system that I have known from both sides. I have been both in the system and now I have also helped bring changes and to ensure fairness in our system.

With more resources, more access and the right foundation to help toddlers and their families thrive.

“Some of my goals are for us to have a dedicated and consistent funding stream when it comes to the education and care of young tribal children,” Archuleta said.


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