Have you ever heard of a bad loan? For the moment, this is just a trial, but today it could replace the loan at zero rates.

If you are looking for a convenient personal loan, then discover the initiative in collaboration with your credit: here is all you need to know!

A negative rate loan is convenient but limited to 1000 euros.


Zero or negative rate loan: what is the difference?

negative rate loan

You have certainly heard of the loan at zero rates. When you ask for this loan, the “APR” item of interest on the loan is zero, so don’t pay it. It means that you do not pay what the bank’s earnings on the loan (= your interests).


With the negative rate loan, however, the APR has a front down. What does it mean? It means that when you finish paying the installments, you will pay less than you received on loan. The TAN, on the other hand, is the interest charged on the loan as the cost of money. Quiet, these interests are very low: in fact, they are 3% for a negative rate loan.


How is it possible? It is a scam? Absolutely not! The negative rate of personal loan is a small amount loan, where everyone wins: the loan seeker gets something extra, the proposer gets a new customer! In fact, like most loans, a current account will be needed to obtain it.


At the moment, this is just a start from the most important site for online loans, but know that the market is changing! This is the beginning of a series of loans, which will reward you first for the mere fact of having chosen it!


Negative personal loan: how it works

Negative personal loan: how it works

To get this “discount” on the loan, you don’t have to make special requests or fall into the disadvantaged categories. In fact, it is not a temporary facility provided for by law, but an initiative by us.


How does it really work? Here is a practical example for you: if you request 1000 Euros with an APR of -1% (= negative rate) and TAN at 3%, you will return 989 Euros at the end of the loan. Since the bank cannot take the interest out first for accounting reasons, you will have on your account 1054 Euros, where the 54 Euros are the interest to be paid and the remaining 65 Euros (= 1000 requested – 989 returned = 65) will remain in your pocket when you have finished paying the installments.


Even if the interest is negative, the credit institution has its advantage: it offers a loan with lower interest, therefore more convenient! If you choose, instead, you have a small “prize” and pay less than you actually asked for at the end of the accounts.


What are the delivery times?

The loan with negative interest is part of small loans. So, within 24-48 hours, if the documents are in place, the loan amount arrives on your current account. You will have to ask for the loan only from 1000. For the moment, it is a promotional loan, so in this way, we ensure the correct payment with one year of installments.


Who can request it and how to do it?

To obtain this special funding, the requirements are:

  • Preventable income, even from self-employment.
  • Greater age.
  • Don’t be protested or bad payers.
  • Complete the payment of the installments within 2 years of the request.
  • Have a current account.

You can apply for the loan, therefore, if you are: an employee, a freelancer, a pensioner or a self-employed person, but you must have paid all the loans required before this.


In this way, you can pay for your holidays, manage unexpected expenses, pay for studies, medical expenses, or even buy a house or pay some debt.


How to apply? Go to the official page we, write the amount at the top right and why do you want that loan (= you can also place only “Liquidity”, but you will find in the drop-down menu the choice that is right for you!). Finally, complete the form that appears, request your loan and wait for the scheduled time.


Negative rate loan: apply now!


The negative rate loan is currently available only on the official site with Your Credit.


The installments will be taken from the current account. Request a negative rate loan now!

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