Help these endangered tribes and their habitats from Malta


The crisis in the Amazon rainforest is one that will undoubtedly affect the whole world – although many people find it hard to believe.

Malta-born Mariah Ivie, along with a group of fantastic enthusiasts, is currently in Ecuador busy producing a documentary highlighting the importance of these tribes and their environment.

They have started a fundraiser to raise financial support that will help in the production of this documentary – Guardians of Pachamama – and you can be a part of it from the comfort of your own home.

Lovin Malta also spoke with Mariah to learn more about her efforts and the journey she has taken – all dedicated to these native tribes.

Mariah, founder of Heartspace, is passionate about indigenous rights and environmental activism. She wants to educate young people and the rest of the world about the importance of protecting indigenous communities.

100% of your donation goes to indigenous communities

All funds will go to indigenous communities who will help with transportation and maintenance. They will also use the funds to purchase stationery supplies and toys for children and daily adult needs.

Be part of their journey to expose the truth about corporations destroying the rainforest and cheating indigenous peoples out of their livelihoods.

Support them to create a documentary that will teach you about the importance of the Waorani tribe and the current struggle they are waging because of money-driven businesses.

It’s time to listen to those who protect 80% of our planet’s biodiversity. By supporting them with donations, you will be part of educating young people and the rest of the world about the destruction of the rainforest.

Donations can be made by following this link.

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