Are you looking for a fast loan but have you been reported as a bad payer?

Nothing could be easier, unfortunately, you find yourself in the same situation as many other people.

Since you are here, you probably have not yet found the loan that you can also ask for as a bad payer. We can reassure you, there are some possibilities for you too.

 even for bad payers, there are quick loans available


The fastest loans for bad payers

The fastest loans for bad payers

If you have been reported, the chances of receiving any fast loan are reduced, but not as reduced as if you were a protestor.

We tell you right away that the chances of making a normal personal loan as a bad payer are not good. In this situation, personal loans are hardly granted, even if you have a guarantor or a guarantor without any notification in the past. But don’t be discouraged, some solutions are still possible.

Here are possible loans even for bad payers.


Personal loan loans

Personal loans are currently the only personal loan that can also be granted to bad payers.


Loan changed at home

The loan is a quick solution, yes, but in terms of interest payable, it is often the most expensive. We recommend that you choose the bills of exchange only if you cannot opt ​​for any of the other possibilities listed here.

More information can be found in our guide to loan changes.


Employee loans

The salary assignment is ideal for employees and retirees. Even with a specific work contract, you could qualify, but it depends on the loan repayment period and the amount requested.

It is usually the most easily accessible loan, provided that you have the requirements, ie a work contract or the perception of a pension. Thus, it is more easily granted, because the condition for this loan is only one, even if you are a bad payer.

Given the fact that this form of loan involves not only you and the bank but also the employer, waiting times for the loan can be longer.

So: think carefully if you can wait for a little to get a loan with more favorable terms in exchange for personal loans that are more expensive.


Delegation of payment

The payment delegation is aimed at employees with permanent contracts or retirees who already have the fifth assignment. In this case, a so-called double fifth can be made, which is also called the delegation of payment.

As a consequence, you will then be charged 1/5 of your paycheck monthly and in addition another sum that depends on the amount of the first fifth monthly amount.


Bad self-employed payer

Bad self-employed payer

The solutions are seen above regarding the assignment of the fifth or the delegation to payment are feasible for bad payers who have a pay slip. The fact of being able to request the transfer of the fifth benefits those who, despite being bad payers, need a loan. Just the pay slip protects the bank. In fact, this will certainly get back the money lent by the employer which will reduce them from the salary of the bad payer. As for the situation of self-employed workers who turn out to be bad payers , things get complicated. This is why we have dedicated a separate article to him.


How to know if I was reported?

reported loan

If you have missed the payment of at least 2 installments in the past, you have been reported as a bad payer. Upon the delay of the first installment, you will have received a communication from the bank requesting payment within 15 days.

The second delay of an installment is reported as a bad payer without notice from the bank.

But to whom does the bank report bad payers? This is a credit information system, commonly called SIC. There are several, but the best known SIC is called Crif, which stands for “Central Financial Risks”.

So if you remember having already received the first communication from the bank and you have been late and have now missed a second installment, you can be sure that you have become a so-called bad payer.

If you are a private person and not a company, it is free to search your credit details. However, if you are in a hurry you must, unfortunately, pay for a program.

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